Sunday, 10 February 2013


This weekend I started thinking about what it would be like to blog about pop culture.

This is something I frequently think about, and I have never once wanted to be a journalist that covers that type of content. Although, my mind is changing in some ways. Not because now I want to be that type of journalist, but because I see the importance of popular culture, and the influence it has on our society. 

For example, I remember watching Barbara Walters’ ten most fascinating people, and Anna Wintour was featured. This must have been about four or five years ago, and Anna was describing how if you observe closely, and you have a keen eye, you can see fashion as a way of conveying current affairs. Then there were images shown that were taken from Vogue when Bush was in charge and war had an influence on the United States, and all the models were in combat gear. It was pretty neat.

I have also recently taken an interest in Complex, which is an online magazine. They cover a lot of cool, pop culture-oriented subjects and I love reading it because it’s obscure. I may have thought a year or two ago that the stuff they publish was not worth my time, but I have changed my mind. Journalism is not all about hard news, and I have come to really love reading about the top 25 indie films to watch out for this year, or the best 20 rap rants in history. Those things are important, and reading about them has lead me to discover new art that inspires me. 

I guess this topic took over my head on Friday when I was working at MAC and we launched a collection based on Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics. The collection is called Archie’s Girls and because I currently can’t do much with my hair, I wore my usual head wrap but created freckles on my face in honor of Betty (who has freckles in the comics) and also in preparation for a photoshoot I am doing for my IPP where the model has to have freckles, as they are a form of symbolism in the story. I wasn’t trying to look like Betty or Veronica, but I was inspired by the art behind the creation of their characters in the comics, similar to how I am inspired by the art I discover through pop culture-related journalism.

These are some pictures of my freckles. In the first one I am with a good friend of mine named Robyn, and in the second one I am with my friend Chanelle who is being goofy in the background.

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  1. Nice frecks. You're like the Winnipeg version of Archie.