Thursday, 13 October 2011


It has been a rather busy week although I must admit, I am very happy.
I love creating shows. I know, very random. But I love it so, so much. Right now, I am working on a play that I hope to have in the fringe next summer, and in my media production class we are working on talk shows and I have been chosen to direct the talk show for my group. I just absolutely love everything to do with both of these things that I am working on: creating and developing characters, writing dialogue, really thinking about how the story should unfold, mapping out scenes, I just love it all. I mostly love the challenge associated with coming up with storylines and events that are going to stay with the audience; that is, something that is going to provoke thought. This is the challenge I am facing right now with my potential fringe show but working through that has been rewarding and I am still in the beginning stages.
As an observer, I am beginning to appreciate, possibly more than ever, the way that a show can make you feel safe. I mean, right now I do not have a lot of time to watch television, and I often find myself feeling a little anxious about all the new things I am being faced with at school and at work and in my life but when I do get to sneak in half an hour here and there, the sense of escapism is profound, to say the least. It really has a way of taking me somewhere else and the great thing about that is that we, as readers and viewers and listeners, can choose where we want to go.
For example, last night I spent some quality time with the girls. Yes, I mean the golden girls. Sophia and Dorothy were playing cards and Blanche had to make a difficult decisions involving her sister who she has loathed for most of her life. Rose, for the first time since Charlie, her late husband, passed away, was 'with' a man and there I was, the fifth golden girl, eating cheesecake with all of them in the kitchen as these things happened. It is this that I want to be able to do for others; allow them to come into a world that, while perhaps not better or worse, is different from their own. As Fran herself says, a book should be a door, not a mirror. I think this absolutely applies to television, broadway, talk, you name it. It applies to show biz.

Speaking of FL, I will be in the same room as her tomorrow. I do not really know what more to say about that as it seems rather surreal and I almost feel afraid that my brain will not be able to absorb quickly and effectively enough to really appreciate her in all of her brilliance.
I guess I'll just keep it simple then;
au revoir winnipeg, bonsoir ma belle Fran.
Not too long now until the latter will read 'Manhattan.'


  1. Elegantly put, Kristy.

    I didn't catch this post that you made earlier but I decided to comment on it anyway.

    I love the fact that you highlight all of the joys that you find in shows, writing them, being involved in them, watching them, the whole enchilada.

    I see great things for you in the future, my dear. I only hope that you achieve your dreams - actually, above and beyond them.

    & I can't wait to hear more about your play!

    Looking forward to your success,
    Jackie Doming

  2. Thank you for commenting Jackie! You are literally the kindest person I've ever met, hah I know that sounds pretty extreme but it's so true.